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We are a collection of engineers in mathematical and engineering, 3D-Rendering, computer & web, industrial project analysis, optimization solutions diffrent fields.

As we look at the evolution of web and detect Problems of technology , we begin to design and introduce new technologies to try and fix nodes and problems, and to try to ease the use of technology in related fields.
About the Entities
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Leader And Project Manager :
     R.Nasimi @nasimiasl
Team Manager :
Team Members:
     P Pordel - H.j.Attai - P Kamani , ...
Our Technics
Data Structure

XObject Structure can manage any structure automatically categorized
3d / GPU / webgl

ShaderBuilder ...
GeometryBuilder ...
GPU Morphing System ...
WebGl Player | GPU keyFrame Manager ...

XUnit Css3 UI controller
Software Developing / Programming

ICommunication Adaptor Patern System (c# DI)
HTML / Javascript

Part Manager

500 blog
Geometry Builder Samples
Geometry Builder Samples
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